Sure Grip Tighten Cream - This will tighten any sexual opening you have.

Time after time in our research studies, we encountered a common complaint among men; that their partner’s vaginal passages were “loose” lacking in that “snug” grip that heightens the sensations of intercourse. The tragic loss of that “tight” feel and wonderful “wet friction” that produces powerful male orgasms can take place over time.

As a result, even the best sexual relations may suffer and deteriorate. We are pleased to introduce the first tropical preparation of its kind SURE-GRIP, the wonder cream that instantly restores “teenage tightness” to any woman’s vagina.

This amazing formula will tighten your vaginal muscles and give you an exhilarating and sensual experience. A small amount will make you feel almost virginal and will hold and grip him tight!

This is wonderful for a new and unique sensation no matter how tight your vaginal walls are, this is great just to experience a different sensation.


SURE-GRIP is ingenious imagine dabbing a small drop on your finger during foreplay and applying it discreetly to your partner’s genitalia… within seconds she’s stimulated and ready for penetration, and you’ll notice an incredible difference instantly. You’ll be having intercourse with a new, exciting partner whose “inner embrace” will drive you both crazy with pleasure.

You’ll be surrounded by the delightfully wet grip of a youthful vagina. Your penis will actually feel thicker, longer and more deeply-penetrating to her. It can be the most intense sex you’ve ever had, and it’s all possible now with SURE-GRIP, the “magic potion” for new levels of excitement. Rub some in and wait for the rapture to begin.


We also stock the Becci Pessarie pil which is inserted inside the Vagina, also a very popular and affective product.



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