For men the most important thing to realise about female climaxes is that with women, it is not a mechanical thing - as it generally is with men.

Most males will ejaculate quite quickly if they have their penises rubbed. This applies even if the circumstances are not very romantic - or even if they do not particularly like the person who is doing the rubbing. Women are not like this. Female orgasm is not a push-button response. The conditions have to be right.

Although females vary, many women need the following if they are going to reach a climax easily:

  • A romantic atmosphere
  • Pleasant, comfortable surroundings
  • A partner who they really like
  • A feeling of being wanted and appreciated
  • A good flow of natural lubrication - so that the delicate female parts do not get sore
  • A skilled partner who knows how to stimulate the clitoris

Unless you can provide the above, you are not going to have great success in bringing your partner to orgasm.

Please bear in mind that - contrary to what many men think - sexual intercourse by itself is not likely to produce an orgasm. This is because intercourse alone is not very good at stimulating the woman's clitoris. Nearly all females need additional stimulation of the clitoris by fingers or mouth.

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