How to have multiple orgasms??

Create An Atmosphere

Her comfort is paramount. In order for her to have a night of peaks, she'll need to surrender herself to the experience, and she'll need to be at ease to do so. You can help calm her mind and quell her inhibitions with a little environmental preparation that's sure to put her on the road to sexual bliss. Clean sheets, downy pillows, tissues by the bed, soft lighting, and subtle scents in the air will aid in creating that easy atmosphere. Take a few minutes to clean your pad, take a shower and shave before she arrives. Also, set your cell phone to silent or turn it off. Finally, if she is a new or newer lover; cut the cord and remove any pictures that remain of your ex.

Sweet-Talk Her

While her body rests from its latest mind-blowing peak, keep the momentum and energy going with your mouth, mind, lips, and tongue. OK, you could go down on her, but I'm talking about keeping her mind sexually engaged and her body humming with sweet words. You will be able to maintain her physical desire if you describe and tell her how amazing she feels, how incredible she looks as she explodes, and how she's driving you insane with her beautiful body. Be creative and inventive with your words. Women enjoy feeling a strong and firm grip on their body, so take hold of her as you ready her body for yet another orgasm. She'll appreciate your pillow talk and physical desire. The sexier and more comfortable you make her feel, the more she'll let go.

Try Different Strokes

If you know the kind of stimulation she likes, such as clitoral, vaginal or G-spot, it may be wise to keep it that way and just change the position or technique. For example, if your girl achieved her last orgasm quickly and easily through clitoral stimulation, hit the same trigger, but try a different angle or speed. This will effectively aid her in reaching another intense orgasm. Conversely, if she has received a lot of clitoral stimulation she may want a break from being constantly massaged or manipulated. In this case, a vaginal or G-spot rub may hit the spot. Understand that after orgasm some women may experience an almost uncomfortably or unbearably sensitive clitoris. She may not want continued touching in that area. When and if this occurs, attend to another sweet spot while her bundle of nerves recovers. Here, communication continues to be a key point.

Make It About Her

Help her to understand that the night is all about her pleasure. Make her feel that you have the entire night to devote to her satisfaction. Pay no attention to the time it takes. Your patience will have multiple payoffs, but if she feels rushed, she will be less inclined to relax and feel comfortable -- feelings that are not conducive to achieving multiples orgasms. An excellent way to emphasize how much you enjoy making her feel good and to show her that it really is “all about her” is to bring her to orgasm before penetration. She will feel that you really do want her to reach great heights throughout the night, and that you consider your satisfaction secondary -- don't worry, when's she has had enough you'll get yours.

Multiple Miracles

Remember: Orgasms are for her all night. If she wants a lot of little explosions or one huge inferno, it is for her to decide. This isn't the time to flex your sexual prowess and try to make your woman come over and over if she doesn't want to -- she might prefer the one peak. Remember that the goal is her satisfaction, not your ego's inflation by hearing her scream out repeatedly. Just listen to her or ask. Don't assume that you know what she wants and how she wants it. Take your time and satisfaction will be had.


The big difference between male and female orgasm is that after the first climax, many women can come again, often within a minute or two.

This ability is extremely rare in males. Relatively few young women can achieve multiple orgasms, because it is an ability that usually has to be learned. But with the help of a skilled lover, most women can eventually achieve the capacity for multiple orgasms - if they so desire.

If you find it difficult to satisfy her with your penis why not try an adult toy? but again first discuss it with her.

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