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Sweet Revenge


Lynn wrapped herself around the stranger as they stumbled into her bedroom. She had picked him up in a bar a little under an hour before. He fit her profile which wasn't much to begin with but he was tall, handsome and strong and for a one night stand his I.Q. didn't matter. She hadn't even asked his name and had proceeded to call him Jim much to his amusement.


She bit down on his lip her excitement at fever pitch but she knew she had to make this last. His clumsy fingers were ripping open her buttons as they continued to kiss his tongue plunging into her mouth, wet and probing. Her hands rubbed the outside of his snug denim jeans. She could feel his hardened cock straining for release in tight confines of his pants.


Lynn always took control and now she pushed the man she was with against the mirrored wall that covered the length of her bedroom. His hands were already unzipping his jeans when she got down on her knees. She slipped her hand into his boxers and pulled the large oozing cock out of its confines. Lynn licked her lips in anticipation, she looked up at the stranger, her ruby red lips pouting, as she dragged her long newly painted red nails along his balls and up his twitching cock. Her fingers wrapped around the turgid flesh and her lips parted. As she slid the harden tool into her wet hungry mouth.


She could hardly control herself, she was starving for this. The smell and taste of his cock had her pussy spasming and she could feel the wetness at her crotch but she had to make this last she reminded herself.


Her head bobbed up and down his shaft, her tongue swirling up and over, she wanted to swallow him. She was sucking at him greedily. His hands on her head pushing her further and further down his cock, she knew he was going to cum and she didn't care, the need to have him cum in her mouth overwhelmed her and she sucked harder and faster building his release. She felt the veins in his cock swell and then he filled her mouth with his creamy seed. She sucked on his emptying cock then rose to her feet and kissed his open mouth, her mouth still full of his offering. He moaned his disapproval but she refused to stop, she laughed into his mouth her tongue dueling with his.


Lynn always gave as good as she got and she wasn't afraid of taking charge when it came to sex and men found it hard to resist her demands.


She guided Jim's hand to her panties letting him know they weren't done yet. His thick fingers rubbed the thin fabric over her wet sensitized flesh. She moaned, opening up more to his fingers. He pulled her panty to one side, his fingers playing over her clit and the smooth skin of her hairless pussy lips.


'Fuck you are so hot babe', he groaned into her ear as he nibbled on her neck and fingered her hot slit.


He reversed their positions, as his fingers tried to bury themselves into her dripping cunt, she pushed down on his shoulders needing some oral stimulation. He took the hint pushing the tight skirt she wore up around her waist. He pulled the tiny piece of fabric that concealed her steaming slit down her legs in one fluid stroke. Lynn deftly stepped out of small red panties and Jim picked them up bringing them to his nose sniffing in her scent. She rubbed her clit needing some kind of release. She was totally out of control now, her breathing ragged and heavy. He lifted her leg up over his shoulder, her pussy open and exposed to his face. He pressed his face into her wet snatch, tasting her sweet tanginess. His nose tickling her clit, as his tongue licked at the slippery slit, diving in and out of her. She pressed his head closer she could feel his teeth nibbling at her inner lips, his hands on the twin globes of her ass, holding her in place. His lips sucked at her little bud and she finally came squirting into his open mouth and face.


He wiped his lips with the back off his hand when she was done and lifting her leg off his shoulder, he stood to kiss her. She sucked hungrily at his lips, tasting her juices off his lips and chin. His hands squeezed her breasts teasing the hardened peaks of her nipples. He picked her up and carried her to the bed.


Mirrors covered all the walls including the ceiling in her bedroom. Lynn liked watching herself as she walked about naked in her room, masturbated on her bed or had sex. The sight of watching her pussy being stretched and fucked excited her to no end.


Jim was almost to the bed when he stopped short, almost dropping Lynn from his arms.


'What the fuck?', he shouted stumbling backward as he spotted David for the first time seated in his wheel chair, his head angled to one side, his sharp eyes locked on to the semi naked couple in front of him.


'Relax', Lynn whispered into Jim's ear, nibbling his ear seemingly unconcerned. He tried to brush her off, uncertainty written all over his face.


'Don't mind him babe, let's give the old pervert a show.' Lynn whispered again trying to recapture Jim's attention, by turning his face toward hers, for another kiss.


'Who is he?' Jim asked kissing her back, his eyes still on the sick old man in the wheel chair in front of him.


'My husband', Lynn said laughing softly nibbling on Jim's lip.


'Fuck you’re a total bitch', he said lifting her up and throwing her on the bed. They both laughed rolling on the bed together.


He kissed her neck while his hand played with her clit, his eyes on David’s. Lynn moaned and opened her legs wider exposing her pussy to David's avid gaze while Jim preceded to finger fuck her cunt with his thick long fingers. First one, then a second and then he added a third, really stretching her cunt. She arched her hips pushing upwards as he pumped rhythmically into her tight hole. Her hand reached for his cock and wrapped around his stiffening shaft, slowly sliding up and down its hardened length.


'What's his deal?' Jim asked licking at her breasts.


'Stroke, three years back, he's paralyzed from the neck down. Can't talk but can hear and see just fine or so the doctors assure me.' lynx moaned breathlessly looking up at the mirrored ceiling and enjoying the view of Jim's hand almost lost inside of her juicy cunt.


He pulled his fingers out of her with an audible plop and brought his wet cream covered fingers to his lips, his eyes still focused on David.


'I'm going to fuck your wife real good', he said to David.


He moved over to her mouth and shoved his cock inside, pushing it deep down her throat and back out. Lynn choked and tears leaked out the corner of her eyes but she wanted more. She strained her head back ward taking him deeper. He was slamming into her mouth now, his tight balls hitting her chin as he fucked her slutty mouth with his monster cock. His one hand tangled in her long hair his other alternating between her breast and her throat.


She needed to feel him inside her, she pushed him off her and licking her full swollen lips commanded, 'fuck me!'


Jim looked like he was about to protest but he did as required. He climbed off the bed and fully removed his pants. His cock stood hard and erect as he got back on, pushing both her legs back as far as they could go over her head. Her pussy and ass exposed to him as he rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit. Lynn squirmed in anticipation, she wrapped her arms around her knees holding them in place. Jim's eyes met David's in the mirror just as he slipped his hardened tool into her pussy slit.


Lynn moaned, as Jim thrust deep inside of her and then pulled out. He pushed back in swirling his hips making his cock turn inside her tight cuntal walls. He pulled out slowly but pushed in really hard and fast, his cock slamming into her hungry cunt.


Lynn was screaming her out pleasure as Jim continued to fuck her slow and hard.


'Fuck, fuck, fuck! Mmmm, fuck this pussy babe, fuck it good! Awww yeah just like that! Oh yeah babe don't stop ' she screamed over and over again.


Jim spread her ass cheeks as shoved his cock deep into her. Lynn came in a flood, wetting the sheets but Jim was nowhere near done. He pulled out of her and got down on his knees, keeping her now relaxing limbs in place with his hands. He licked up the wetness from between her ass cheeks to her dripping slit, lapping at the wetness and moving the moisture to her little puckered brown hole. He spread her cheeks apart and began to tongue her ass. Lynn relaxed her muscles and gave into the pleasure. It had been awhile since she had her ass licked or fucked. Jim stood up, slipping his fingers into her pussy and ass, fucking them both nice and slow.


She pulled his hand out and licked his fingers, he needed no further encouragement, with one movement, he shoved his cock into her ass driving it all the way inside of her. He groaned out his pleasure his cock sheathed in heat and snug tightness. He pulled out and pushed back in slowly, building a rhythm, his fingers working her clit and pussy simultaneously. Lynn lifted her legs off her chest and let them rest on his shoulder. He held on to her thighs using them to drive his cock deeper into her tight hole.

He was fucking her hard and fast now she knew he could not last much longer.


'I want you to cum in my mouth ' she said huskily, looking at him through hooded lustful eyes.


Jim thrust into her twice more before pulling out. He pumped his cock with his hand as he moved toward he parted lips slipping it inside she swallowed his cock sucking off their combined juices as he came once again filling her mouth with his cream. She sucked him off till he was dry then swallowed every drop not wanting to waste any of it. He tapped his softening cock on her lips and smiled as he collapsed on the bed beside her exhausted.


Lynn got up removing her rumpled clothes and slipped on a satin robe before coming back to bed both Jim and David watched her. Jim lit a cigarette offering her one but she declined.


Thank you for the fuck Jim', she said.


'My name is ...' He had started to say but she shushed him with a finger to his lips.


'I don't want to know your name lover, this has been fun but its past David's bedtime and you are in his space', Lynn said with only a slight smile on her beautiful face.


Jim couldn't believe his ears, was she asking him to fuck off?


He got off the bed and hurriedly dressed.


'We should do this again sometime', he said looking at her inquiringly.


She spoke to him over her shoulder, ’I don’t think so Jim, and could you please close the door on your way out.'


He was dismissed and he knew it 'bitch', he muttered on his way out off the room.


Lynn sighed, didn't they know that she was married, she wanted sex not a relationship. She squeezed David's hand and kissed his cheek. Leaving him she quickly stripped the sheets off the bed and replaced them with clean ones. She moved David's heavy but limp form to the bed, undressing him tenderly, kissing his thin lips and pale cheeks. She slipped into bed beside him moving his hand to her well used pussy and trapping it there with her thighs.


He looked at her beautiful face and the satisfied tilt to her lips, perhaps he deserved this. He had treated her like a whore since they had married in an attempt to break her young spirit.


‘Damn this weak body’, he cursed silently.


He wanted to squeeze her neck now, to wipe that satisfied smile of her smug face. She moved his hand higher up her thigh, against what he knew was still a moist, hot cunt. He couldn't feel it, couldn't even will his hand to move against her heat as his mind wanted to, his eyes glued to the mirror above him, wanting her and hating her at the same time. He hated her, for making him want her still. She always treated his feeling less body with love and kindness and yet tormented him every night in the only way that could truly hurt him, by bringing home a different man and fucking them in front of him. She called every one of them, Jim. She knew it would get to him, James David, that was his name and he had hated it when she called him Jim.


‘Bitch’, he thought to himself as her manicured fingers stroked his body and her head rested on his shoulders.


'Goodnight my love,' she said and drifted off to sleep her insatiable need for now sated.


Author: Rebecca Mylas


THE CLUB…. Part 1…

As she walked into the club she knew that tonight was the night, she had been patient and good and didn’t she deserve some fun? What was the point of going home week after week with wet panties, swollen nipples and that relentless ache deep in her belly from the wanting….


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